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Rocky Shore Painting & Carpentry

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Interior Painting

  1. Color Selection
    First, we talk about what colors you want, and what level of gloss you would like. Have a look at our Color Picker and the Match Your Colors page on this website for some fun help with this.

  1. Preparation
    Then, we gather your furniture into the middle of the room and cover it with clean sheeting. Then we place drop cloths carefully on your floors to protect them.

  1. Stripping
    Next, we strip the old paint from the surfaces and fill the holes and cracks in ceilings and walls and sand them until they’re smooth.

  1. Priming
    We then apply primer to the surfaces that are to be painted in order to give them a uniform finish when completed.

  1. Painting

   Now we paint and re-coat the surfaces until they achieve a

   beautiful glow.

  1. Cleaning
    Then we move the furniture back to its original position, clean and vacuum the floors and remove our working materials.

  1. Inspection
    Finally, we invite you to inspect our work.